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Dr.-Ing. Idoia Cortes Garcia

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Circuits of superconducting accelerator magnets are complex systems with components combining technologies from several engineering fields, show strong mutual interactions and can contain up to thousands of components. The transient phenomena occurring in the circuit can be consistently captured only if the simulation includes the components’ mutual influence. It is desirable to solve this type of multi-physics, multi-scale, and multi-rate problem using an intrinsically consistent monolithic approach. However, this can lead to non-acceptable computational times. At the same time, it is worth noting that no currently available multi-physics simulation tool covers the full range of phenomena. This research is part of the STEAM project. It deals with the analysis of the coupled models, e.g. with respect to their differential-algebraic-equation index and investigates efficient co-simulation methods, e.g. based on waveform relaxation, to exploit the multi-rate behavior.


  • 2020: Die Dissertation wird von Springer als herausragende Doktorarbeit anerkannt („The Best of the Best“)
  • 2020: Young Scientist Award auf der SCEE 2020 für herausragende Leistungen und Beiträge junger Wissenschaftler/innen
  • 2019: GAMM Juniormitgliedschaft 2020-2022 für herausragende Leistungen in Diplom- und/oder Doktorarbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Angewandten Mathematik oder Mechanik

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