Kooperationen des Instituts TEMF



BMBF Projekte

EU Projekte

  • Design Study EUROTeV
  • European Design Study Towards a Global TeV Linear Collider
  • Design Study EUROFEL
    European Free Electron Laser Design Study
  • Design Study DIRACsec-beams
    Internal Target experiments with highly energetic stored and cooled secondary beams at the International Accelerator Facility, Darmstadt Ion Research and Antiproton Center
  • Network CARE-N2-ELAN
    Coordination of studies and technical R&D for electron linear accelerators and colliders
  • Network CARE-N3-APD
    Coordination of studies and technical R&D for high-energy high-intensity hadron beams (HEHIHB)
  • Network INTAS
    Advanced Beam Dynamics for Storage Rings

Kooperationen mit der Industrie