High-Frequency Engineering

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Coupled Problems

Beam Dynamics

Finite Methods

Computational Electromagnetics

Visiting Scientists

Name Working area(s)
Evaluation of computational methods for impedance calculation in particle accelerators
Calculus of wake fields
Electromagnetic field computations
Algebraic multigrid for electromagnetic simulation
Finite Elements Methods in time-domain
Investigation of an explicit FDTD method on unstructured grids for the solution of Maxwell Equations in the time domain
BEM in Frequency Domain
Hybrid methods for the calculation of em fields
Fast boundary element methods for the simulation of wake fields in time-domain
Wakefield simulation with the boundary element method
Development of ultra high-speed cameras
Fast boundary element method in time-domain
Analysis of eddy currents in a gradient coil
SAR Computations for different human models
Electrode optimizations for the SPIN Wien-filter
Development of surface impedance models
Simulation of eddy currents for nondestructive testing
Beam dynamics simulations with V-Code
Substrate integrated waveguide integration with active components
Modeling of thin layers and impedance boundary conditions
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Dipl.-Ing. Marianne Dorn

Sascha Schnepp
Adaptive Algorithms