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Exterior Problems, like the scattering of a radar wave on a plane, pose challenges to modern simulation tools. This is due to the fact that generally speaking, the computational effort increases extraordinary w.r.t. both the desired accuracy, as well as the size of the domain in which the solution should be computed.

A solution to this behaviour is posed by the Boundary Element Methods, which is capable of reducing the exterior solution to the solution of a linked problem which needs to be computed only on the surface of the scatterer. By this, the size of the domain on which a solution needs to be computed decreases and the computational effort can be reduced without workarounds that would impact the physicality of the computed solution.

This project deals with boundary element methods within the framework of isogeometric analysis. The idea of isogeometric methods is to use exact descriptions of the geometries involved in numeric simulations, through utilisation of data extracted from design software. With this one not only renders simulation results more precise but optimises industrial workflows as well, since the isogeometric concept requires no preprocessing steps in between design and simulation.

The focus therein lies with the computation of scattered electromagnetic waves and the computation of resonant frequencies, i.e., the solution to electromagnetic eigenvalue problems.

The code that was written as part of this project is freely available at http://www.bembel.eu.


  • 2019: Die Dissertation wird von Springer als herausragende Doktorarbeit anerkannt („The Best of the Best“)
  • 2018: Young Scientist und Best Paper Award bei der URSI KHB 2018 für den Beitrag 'Isogeometric Discretisations of the Electric Field Integral Equation'

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