Waveguide Miniaturization

Studienarbeit am Institut TEMF & IHF

Thema: Waveguide Miniaturization using Spiral Resonators

Arbeitsgebiet: Discretization Methods and High Frequencies

Waveguide cross section
Waveguide cross section


The considered structure is an array of Spiral Resonators (SR) inserted in the symmetry plane of a X-band rectangular waveguide. Waveguide miniaturization means moving the transmission band below the cutoff frequency (fc=6.5 GHz) of the hollow structure. The SR arrays with the number of turns up to 3 were successfully designed, fabricated and measured thanks to the cooperation with the TUD IHF Institute (Dipl.-Ing. Christian Damm, Dr.-Ing. Martin Schüßler). Miniaturization ratios in the range of 10 (transmission at ~750 MHz) were reported.

In the frame of the project further miniaturization ideas should be explored, including design and fabrication of SRs with larger number of turns and filling of the waveguide with high permittivity dielectric powder. The project embraces CAD (at TEMF) as well as fabrication and measurement (at IHF) of the proposed structures.

Simulation and measurement results
Simulation and measurement results


required knowledge of CST Microwave Studio

basic knowledge of network analyzers would be an advantage

Betreuer: Grzegorz Lubkowski

Institut TEMF, Geb. S2/17, Raum 217; Durchwahl: 5903


Betreuer: Christian Damm

Institut HF, Geb. S3/06, Raum 413; Durchwahl: 5372