Elektromagnetische Felder von geladenen Teilchen in Beschleunigern

Electromagnetic field animations


Electric field strength of wakefields in the PITZ-Gun.

AVI-Movie, 26.8 MB


Emission of a flat-top bunch from a planar surface and resulting electric field. The particle's color signifies their charge, the size their momentum.

AVI-Movie, 59 MB


Electric field strength of an ultra-relativistic electron bunch in the TESLA accelerating cells.

AVI-Movie, Microsoft MPEG-4 Codec, 718kB


Wake-fields: electric field lines of an ultra-relativistic electron bunch in contact with a raw surface.

AVI-Movie, Microsoft MPEG-4 Codec, 1.5MB


Trajectory and field of an ultra-relativistic electron in a wiggler field.

©Simulation: M. Dohlus. DESY, Hamburg