Working groups at TEMF

Working group “Discretization methods and High Frequencies”

The research area of the group extends mainly to new developments of the Finite Integration Technique (FIT) and to FIT-related issues. In this respect, the group's interest is also focused on different applications of the numerical field simulation in the area of high-frequency devices.

The basis of the research work is the analysis of the fundamental properties of the Finite Integration Technique, such as the conditions for consistency and stability of the spatial discretization. Such theoretical analyses provide the conditions for various extensions of the FIT method, which are subsequently developed and implemented. This includes the coupling of the FIT with other methods and the development of corresponding hybrid techniques.

The aim of the research activity is the creation of ever more efficient algorithms for the application of FIT to realistic problems stemming from basic research or from the industrial development. The focus in this respect is placed on applications in the HF domain.

Individual research projects: