Beam Dynamics

Working groups at TEMF

Working group “Beam Dynamics”

The research area of the group includes physics and technique of accelerators, in close cooperation with the “Deutsche Elektronensynchrotron” (DESY Hamburg) the Society for Heavy Ions Research (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung) (GSI Darmstadt) and the Institute for Nuclear Physics ( IKP, TU Darmstadt ).

The focus is in the domain of beam dynamics, development of simulation methods for particle beams and their interaction with accelerator components, as well as development of high frequency components.

Individual research projects:

  • Development of on-line simulation tools for accelerators
  • Dispersion free calculation of wake fields in accelerator cavities
  • Optimization of high frequency components like input couplers and HOM couplers
  • Beam dynamics simulations for todays and tomorrows accelerator projects
  • Development of simulation methods for low-energy electron beams Design study of accelerating cavities for synchrotrons and storage rings
  • Transient field calculations for superconducting magnets
  • Investigation of higher order modes (HOM) in accelerator cavities
  • Impedance calculations and optimization of accelerator modules
  • Optimization of planar pick-ups and kicker electrodes
  • Simulation of wake fields in the THz regime